Coaches/Managers - Issue Resolution Process


Issue Resolution Process

The following process is expected to be followed by any member of EHMHA with regards to any formal issue that they wish to be resolved in a timely and respectful manner.

Step 1:

If a parent or player has an issue with something that has taken place on their respective team they must wait 24 hours before contacting the manager, in writing, of that team. An exception to this guideline may be made if the next ice time occurs prior to the 24 hour wait period. In no way is the parent or player to approach or make contact with the coach under any circumstance. If the issue takes place during the tryout or evaluation process where a team manager is not yet in place, then the respective party must take their issue to the Divisional Coordinator. If the issue involves the manager or in the event that the manager has a relationship with the subject of the issue, then skip directly to Step 3.

Step 2:

The manager will then convey the issue to the coach and a meeting will take place before the next ice time between the parents, player (if necessary), coaches and manager to resolve the conflict and come up with a means to monitor the situation to ensure a successful season. It is expected that most, if not all issues will be resolved at this level. This meeting is to be documented by the manager and brief minutes recorded.

Step 3:

If the issue cannot be resolved at the team level, a meeting will take place between the Divisional Coordinator, coaches, parents, and players (if necessary). The minutes from the previous meeting will be reviewed and a discussion of the issue will take place. At this time, or in a reasonable time frame, the Divisional Coordinator will act on behalf of EHMHA and create the guidelines that each party must follow and the resulting consequences if they are not met.

Step 4:

If issues still persist a meeting between the Vice President of Hockey Operations, Director at Large, and Divisional Coordinator will be held to determine the future of the parties involved in East Hants Minor Hockey. At this point, the conflicting parties will not be heard as their case has been made on three previous occasions. This step simply involves a final ruling that the parties will be made aware of by the Director at Large.

If any of these steps are bypassed it becomes very difficult to create reasonable, positive solutions. Issues made by any EHMHA member will not be heard if these steps are not followed in the manner in which they are presented (exceptional circumstance not withstanding). This process is in place to make sure issues are heard and dealt with appropriately. Handling an issue respectfully is something our young players need to be taught and is a very valuable life lesson that will serve them well far beyond their hockey playing days.

The EHMHA Discipline Policy may be followed at any point when resolving a formal issue as deemed necessary by the EHMHA Board of Directors.