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Hello Penguins Family.

Thank you for taking the time to vote on the proposed bylaw changes. We had an overwhelming response with over 200 votes. WOW TEAM!! That is an amazing turnout.

Before reviewing the results, please see below important information about the voting process, including voting verification and confidentiality.

  • All responses are confidential and only the summary information included in the attached report will be released publicly. We know and have heard from our members that the privacy and confidentiality of all voters is priority. Names, numbers, or voting selections will not be released.
  • The survey was hosted by survey software, Survey Monkey. Our Association uses this software for other surveys, including coach applications and end of year coach evaluations.
  • All questions were mandatory, meaning respondents were required to complete all survey questions.
  • The results report has been generated by the survey software, Survey Monkey, as is indicated on the report.
  • The survey software and all responses are password protected. We have identified only two Executive members (Secretary and VPAdmin) to have access to the results and verification information.
  • All responses have been verified. Members were required to provide their name and email address before completing the survey as this information was necessary to verify members. Any members who needed additional verification have been contacted and resolved.

Results are attached below. All proposed by-law changes have secured the 75% required to pass. Your new bylaws will be amended and posted soon.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact President Chuck Livingstone at president@ehpenguins.org.

Thank you everyone for your time and input.

EHMHA Bylaw Vote - Report

Apr 5, 2022