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Eastern Shore Jamboree Info!!


Hi everyone, Here are the rosters, schedules and information for the Eastern Shore Jamboree. It ...

Hi everyone,
Here are the rosters, schedules and information for the Eastern Shore Jamboree. It looks like a long day and I have spoken to the organizer about possible scheduling changes but to no avail...all teams are in the same boat!! The food, bouncy castle and warm rooms help a lot!! Please read carefully:

The jamboree will be March 10 at the Eastern Shore Communicty Centre Rink at 67 Park Road in Musquodobit Harbour.

There will only be 1 parent in the dressing room at a time with players and as soon as the player is dressed the parent should ensure that all clothing, etc. is in the player's bag and then vacate the room. Dressing rooms will be VERY busy and there will be some overlap. After the game, meet your child in the room to undress and no gear can be stored in the dressing rooms.

Each player will be provided with a coupon for a grilled cheese sandwhich or a hot dog. Parents and siblings can buy these as there will be extra. They will have a bake sale table and a cake walk as well. They will have a bouncy castle in the floor hockey area for all players to enjoy between their games.

The coupon for food as well as a coupon for a door prize draw will be in each loot bag. It is a good idea if parents go through the bags before the kids as there will be gift cards as well. They do not have replacements of these.

If your child is already a Rangers, Sharks or Canadiens player please take their jersey!! If your child is a Penguin they will be provided with a jersey when they get to the rink.

Here are the rosters and schedules:

PLEASE NOTE: In order to make the schedule work the organizer has advised that some teams will get a fourth game. She chose the teams that worked for her schedule.

      Canadiens Coaches
Cannon Peyton Jason
Geldart Erik Keith
Good Brendan Mark
Hart Riley  
McCarthy Owen  
McGuire Ethan  
Miners Brayden  
Peach Sydney  
Priest Chase  
Singer Will  
Weagle Keegan  
10:15 ice  
1:55 ice  
3:50 floor  
5:00 ice  

            Sharks Coaches
Bitonti Matthew Ryan
Chauder Eliot Trevor
Holman Sophie  
Isenor Nolan  
MacDonald Cameron  
Mott Benjamin  
Sanford Jacob  
Spares Gavin  
Stewart Tyler  
Syliboy Harlem  
Withrow Landen  
10:50 ice  
12:10 floor  
1:20 ice  
3:05 ice  
4:25 ice  

          Rangers Coaches
Caldwell Ethan Chuck
Clow Oliver Steve
Edwards Jake Charles
Horne Daniel Chris
Joseph Braeden  
Leblanc Brandon  
Livingstone Jack  
Penney Brady  
Ramsey Ian  
Randall Oliver  
Tompkins William  
9:05 ice  
12:10 ice  
2:30 floor  
5:00 ice  


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